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We offer our free e-book titled "Guide To Product Development". It is one among many resources we have created to help young entrepreneurs in critical decision making.

We realized most young people are usually not prepared for self-employment and only consider it after fruitless search for regular employment.

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It only makes sense when it works for you, nothing is cast in stone.

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A Guide To Product Development.

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What Our Clients Say

“Thanks sooooo much O'range! The event was a success. My sincere appreciation on behalf of our organization.
…I mean, did you see how excited those kids were? The teachers, even the other students who didn’t play! The beauty and ambiance were so fulfilling for me and I’m also glad all the winners were able to take their money home. We have started something that looked simple, but with what I saw there? We must make it bigger next year”

Yemi Ajijolaiya

(President, Charleans in Diaspora Incorporated)

“Bringing this project to Osun State, Nigeria is highly commendable. And that’s what we are saying; the government cannot do everything and this is an example of roles that the private sector can take in sports. We are also putting our focus on infrastructure development and we’re targeting the indoor games and other racquet games, including table-tennis. This a good time for private investors to come into Osun State and seize the opportunities that we’re offering through PPP”

- Hon. Yemi Lawal

(Commissioner for Sports; Osun State, Nigeria)

“Your professionalism showed in the way you worked on my book project. Partnership with you has been awesome and amazingly rewarding and the product is well appreciated from all over the world. One will be proud to associate with you again and again."

- Fayth Dar

(Author - TheraEn-Thu-Siasm)

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